A group of harmonious musicians, artists and visionaries working towards the same creative goals. A music label for all things electronic and abstract. We entered the world of electronic music in 2001 knowing that we just wanted to constantly create lush soundscapes and fun grooves. Grooves to sway your hips and zone your mind and that’s how our name magically appeared to us. A name that matched our wild style of music to that of a mind altering substance.

We were born and before you knew it we were working on downtempo lounge events, setting up turntables and amusing people, it quickly became clear that this worked for us and we loved to do it as well.

Regardless of who we are or when we started all that matters now is that trichome.com has not stopped since we’ve started. We have maintained true to the electronic music scene and now continue to provide all styles of electronic music to the public and everyday we introduce more people to the hypnotic essence of trichome. As we continue to bring more quality music to you we hope you will continue to enjoy it as well.