tri-014: Mookah Adansi-420 Remixes

Legendary numbers for our times that will always be known for the culture that it represents have now become the second single remix for Mookah Adansi. “420” is a track from the Mookah Adansi debut album “No Time For Time”. This track features a down-tempo side but double time it and it can also represent a more uptempo remix and that’s just what we did. Featuring newcomer Michael Try on this first remix, that starts out slow and dubby, but don’t let it fool you once it gets ramped up this track unleashes some serious power with vocal delays, melodic synths and other psychadelic styles to bring forth a beauty of a remix that starts things out just right on the 420 remixes. Next up from our very own young bass enthusiast, Pachucottie lays down his first remix that blends styles of twerk, garage and trap and begins to really liven things up. Blending genres and being unique is the Pachucottie way. He drops his signature bass hitting sound from the start and takes us on his 420 journey. This banging remix moves us right into the next number that is purely Trapelicious.

From our own Beyaking we get this trippy start to a solid trap track called the Trapelicious remix. It starts off very smooth and very 420esque and before you know it it drops you deep into a cyber slush affair of raw synths, banging bass and vocal samples slamming in and out and then slamming you in to left field as well. Hard but yet smooth like a good beer commecrial might say, but for our sound it’s the only way that trichome represents. Right back to Pachucottie again he works hard and rips right back in with another solid number. This time with minimal stylings, add some cowbells with metal hits and this session might just represent and new style of minimal trap that is rarely heard but widely understood. This remix does wonders all on it’s own with just it’s bass representation

Closing us out for this 5th and final remix on 420 is the return of the lush downtempo king himself, Zemozay. This remix is very unique and to us some of his best work to date. The vocal samples and lush beats are just one thing that begins this sound journey. As we move in deeper the last break on this track starts to show a combination of dubby trap elements that leave us exploring a space and time and yet another whole new genre of music.

The 420 remixes are a must have for any lover of bass music and the culture of 420. The space and sound that these tracks explore are essential for anyone who wants to enjoy trichome to the utmost. We are very proud to have left behind the signature of a culture that still shines today, which you can see in the artwork. Created by Skie a local Atlanta Graffiti artist. We thank him as well for being a part of our journey.