tri-021: Michael Try-Awakening

If you had a chance to listen to Michael Try’s debut album “Havoc”? If not, we highly recommend it. He truly has that gift for making engaging and uplifting music that inspires anyone who listens to it. When it came time for him to create a second album we quickly jumped at the chance to release it here on trichome.

With such a passion for making music that takes the listener on a journey, we already could tell that his new Album would not disappoint, and it’s finally here. Awakening is pleasurable listening experience from start to finish. He starts off making sure we’re ready for this release with Boss Intro. Just as the title says, a great introduction to kick things off. Next up is Prelude: You know, so if you have heard the gem on this album then Prelude will get you ready for it. Many of his tracks are a bit lengthy so be prepared to make time for this journey.

Track number 3, Dreams is a progressive trance jam which marks the style of our pilot who takes us on a flight. Which is followed by the next song Awakening. The title track of the album is actually 14 minutes long. A lenghty blissful composition with smooth transitions, this takes us into Space Invaders and plays out as a solid trance banger with some cyber synths down the road to make that video game feel coming alive. Our next track is one of our favorites and also a real soul mover.
Heart On Fire, will inspire and move your body at the same time, this song is more of a dubstep track with feelings that are contagious to anyone who hears it, a true piece of art.

Getting into the next half of this journey Mr. Try jumps back into the trance action with a solid stomper called Midnight Run. Fast, fun with some added breaks for that late night action packed groove. Back into the Trance jems is Talk to God, a melodious moment that can be grandiose it has a beautiful and calming key stabs that feels like an opening to something bigger. A couple of more tracks to go and
We have almost made it thru this trance journey, and what better way than to re-work a classic from his first album Trance Anthem, giving a another solid Progressive Trance Number the ability to shine even more, and for the final number we have nothing less than another solid Trance beauty called Balance Point. Pure progressive bliss to the end and just a proper way to close things out on the first full album release with us here at Trichome.

“Thanks for taking the time to listen and I hope you enjoy what you hear!
God Bless!”