Body Deluxe

tri-004: The Autonomist-Body Deluxe

Body Deluxe is a minimal dance single coming to us from The Autonomist, a fan of all things techno. He definitely drops a solid banger on us – it goes deep with that late night thumpin’ kick drum and some nice, clean dance high hats. Play this number late night, as the quirky synth will keep everyone tingling on the floor. It provides a hypnotic ride that is very steady and minimal all the way through, giving it that trichome essence.

On the flip, Barry Bond really gives this number a styling; it’s one of our favorite remixes to date. His version offers the strong techno backbone, but with minimal synth bits floating around in every corner. Then he hits you with those synth stabs, which makes this track a great one to dance or listen to. You’ll stomp with that 4 to da floor drum beat and those rolling snares — a bouncy and squishy feel. Barry’s remix is a well-represented version that shows off his strongest skill set – techno productions.

This single is also available on Magnification-2009 Remixes CD, where you can find a bonus break tracks from Barry Bond.