tri-010: The Autonomist-Bust Remixes

To begin the year on a bangin note we drop one hell of a breaks EP, all for your stompin needs. Bust starts of with the ripping bust on breaks remix seriously grinding synths with subtle trance stabs ontop of this breakbeat thumper. Get deep into the tweekin’ acid line and ride out this groove on the backbone of this cyber beast. Afterwards slow down with the wetness remix which follows up with a more lounge approach, and sticks to the bust samples adding some extra synth lines to sway your hips, of course this loungetastic remix is brought to you by Mookah Adansi, who we hope to one day hear more work from this chill breaks maestro.

Now for the other half of this release or as some call it “The B-Sides” this starts of very strong and remarkable in all it’s glory with this breakbeat monster that takes u back and then forwards and then back and well you know the rest… the sound of Tzeech, Baltimore’s hidden electronics wizard who shines thru again with the extra love on this Old Tool Re-Skool Mix. Last but not least we close out this EP. with an ambient dubstep remix from Joe Balde. Intended mostly for chilling purposes with a soft soundscape and hidden sub dub overtones Joe drops a quick chill moment of ambient stylings that set us in the mood and then take you into his dubtastic styles. A wonderful way to close out this E.P and all available on vinyl for a limited time.