Chasing Sunsets Remixes

tri-017: Michael Try-Chasing Sunsets Remixes

The summer release for 2015 comes from Michael Try’s original track Chasing Sunsets, which can be found on his debut album “Havoc”. This incredible Trance producer has already wow’ed us with his full length album and continues to impress us with his style of production. To take this track to the next level, we created ultimate remixes of his work only the way Trichome can. Chasing Sunsets gets the bass reworking from a few of our artist regulars, as well as a couple of techno remixes from returning artists Barry Bond and Tzeech.  Starting with Tzeech, Baltimore’s own Techno Master, begins his remix session with a pounding techno hit, called Dusk 2 Dawn Mix. It’s a solid techno beginning that has you catching vibes and enjoying the solid straight beat (and well into the late night, for all you minimal dance lovers). Before you even know it, he delivers his signature sound with small bits of ethereal smoothness, showing off those subtle hints from the original track, and making this another solid release under Tzeech’s techno belt. Next up on the remix list, the prodigal son returns — Barry Bond is back! We finally get this Santa Monica resident to slam out a solid progressive techno beat that moves you. This track starts out as a hard-banging techno number, but then quickly slides into home with a progressive edge and bass line. Barry adds a solid break beat backbone that keeps this remix grooving. We are thrilled to hear the traditional sounds from Mr. Bond, and welcome him back any time!

This leads us into the next remix, featuring Beyaking, where we start to turn things into the bass portion of the single. He gives us the one, unexpected anthem bass remix that has been hitting hard for everyone here at Trichome. Beyaking leads us into a fast and ever-changing style of bass music that rings with solid trap stylings all around…but somehow he adds this moody and eclectic synth fare that even the beat-groovers can all dance to in delight. Closing this remix package, we bring you another unexpected track from Joe Blade. Usually the dubstep or psydub elements would give way that would let you identify that it’s Joe Blade behind the production, until we got this one for Chasing Sunsets, and now we have to re-label Joe as a bit more Avante-Garde. Yeah, that means that you might want to kick-back and let this one soak in like a sponge in the rain. This remix falls into a deep psychedelic start, but don’t let that fool you ’cause soon after that you drift for a minute, the track start to show it’s true colors. Distorted bass stabs and then dubstep style synths fill in some gaps while you drift back and forth. We groove with some ambient space, as well as edm elements that just leaves us guessing. It’s just another example of the many directions we can take while producing our Remix collections, never giving in to one style or another. We hope you enjoy this Summer release for 2015 featuring Michael Try, Barry Bond, Tzeech, Beyaking, and Joe Blade.