tri-019: The Autonomist-Diatoms

It’s been six years since the last release from The Autonomist and although it’s been a while the style is still very familiar to us. If you’re wondering what’s with the 2-LP idea, well the concept behind the releases was based on creating a similar style of sampled beats like the first album “Songs From The Subconscious, while the second release would be based on the style of bass and nu funk music like the second album released 6 years ago “Human Bean Syndrome”. If that makes sense.

Chill-out, Downtempo, Funk, whatever you want to call it, we are happy to have the Autonomist back with us dropping mad beat fury in all it’s glory. We proudly introduce this new release, Diatoms. This is part 1 of a 2 part release, we hope you can make the time to enjoy both releases.

Things begin with some downtempo smoothness with the first track called Diffuse it kicks a solid funk beat with nice keys and pads. Then, Funkdifier is a more up-tempo funk track, starting to show The Autonomist just getting wild. Track 3 State Of Mind features local Atlanta vocalist Abby Wren, some seriously smooth funk happening here. Afterwards we go into a bass intro for Falloff a track with some tribal bass feel but no beat, well not until later but you have to hear it for yourself. Karma is the Car is a funky exciting number that shares vocal samples about the complexity of Unified Consciousness. Things get a bit more downtempo
and melodic with Found In You sprinkling some vocal snippets here and there for added softness.

Working our way thru to, Apology to Mother Nature is just what it says. After that Day Stroller moves in easy with some nice keys and a beat for the cruiser in you. Overall a few more great tracks that end with the last track labeled Surrender featuring vocals from a local Atlanta Raja.
Hope you enjoy Diatoms.
We are halfway there, now join us on part 2, Diodes as the journey continues.