tri-020: The Autonomist-Diodes

IThis is the second part of a 2 part album release from The Autonomist, Diatoms and Diodes, and this is Diodes. The music in this release can be a bit harder for the downbeat sound than the first part. To keep things moving this album starts of with a track called Returned. A funky beat, with a groovin’ line which eventually leads us to a deep voice chanting “I have returned” and some smooth keys for the big build. The next track called CyberVision, is a virtual reality number. A nu-funk style this track keeps you plugged in to the system and reminds you thru the female robot voice, “Cyber Vision Loves Your Mind” this track is a great uptempo dance number. Track number 3, Psycahdelic Experience uses some deep voice samples reminding you of the psychedelic experience while lush stabs and trippy sounds finish it off. Next up, Where did you go is a minimal synth and guitar number that stay constant thru the whole song. Track number 5 called Energize gives a nice downtempo beat with some soothing sounds, and a female vocal sample talks about the importance of Human energy.

Moving into the next half of this release, we start with a nice dubstep banger called, The Stars. With a soft female vocal sample on top of a solid beat makes this track fun and uplifting. Going into track 7 we start to feel things get deep with Lumiere. A slower beat but the elements are deep, hypnotic and chill for a very warehouse type chillout if that makes any sense, but don’t chillax for to long. The next track up is a solid 4 to the floor banger with a techno track that’s not to minimal and not to progressive but regardless it’s still a solid dance number with a surprise grinding synth with some added amen breaks to get down to. Now we get back to the downbeats that make The Autonomist our chill beat wizard with the track called Morphers, very solid beat with atmospherics and a beautiful synth line to accompany this incredible gem.

Last but not least, only 2 tracks left and this next one is very eccentric and ethereal. A solid bass music styling almost trap like, but more ominous with ethereal vocal samples that float in and out. The final track is more of a current trend in the sounds of synthwave or like the soundtrack to Stranger Things. Programatic keeps the Arppegiator running for some time to get you all in the zone. A great ending to this electrical themed release, Diodes.
Whether you enjoy both parts or you find one album you prefer over the other, or perhaps a combination of favorite songs from both parts that you combine into one as your own custom made favorite album. Diatoms and Diodes is for anyone and everyone. We truly hope you enjoy this listening experience.