Dubble Helix -Remixes

tri-012: Joe Blade-Dubble Helix Remixes

Inroducing yet another solid bass banger from every direction. Dubble Helix comes direct with bass hits, dubstep, and trap beats for the movers and shakers. This single features Joe Blade, who created the original rhythm grooves. It is a unique sound; unlike most we have heard out there, this one goes deep. The quality and electronic mayhem is strong with this one and we continue to want more from Joe Blade. We asked him to deliver something a bit more uptempo for the dance floor. We knew we would love it, but this one proved to be the work that would inspire others for more great remixes. This EP features newcomers at Trichome that we love listening to.

The first reworking of this track was from the party music man himself, Pachucottie. This remix tears away from the original with only a few elements that might be recognizable, but yet right on point with the main track. Minimal and yet dubsteppish, this reworking gives us a much needed banger with trigger happy samples and subtle lines. Pachucottie reminds us of how he likes to deliver his thumpin’ grooves at full force.

The B Side of Dubble Helix is a complete takeover from the crew once known as 2 Dirty Birds, and now represents as Midnight Music Company. Their arrival was perfect timing for Trichome. Their first remix features the extended and ever-so-bassy Lock and Key Trap remix. The track hits you with the familiar bass kicks and popular trap sounds of bass music, with a twist of the vocals and a few synth samples from the original mix. The feeling is just right for the trap music enthusiasts out there. While still using the vocal samples, these guys drop snares up and down on their first remix, which make this a solid session all the way through.

The ending track on the B-side is more of a magic number. The Glitch Trap remix is a blend of the glitch elements, plus some of those more popular trap elements. To this day, we have never heard of a glitch trap remix, so we hope you feel the goodness of this style as much as we do. This remix is chock full of nice synths plus the ever-so-sweet bass hits that invite you in for more. A rare treat of a tasty remix that moves between the worlds of glitch and trap.

Joe Blade’s Dubble Helix remixes are just a start and a sample of what you can expect from the Trichome crew. If you enjoy these remixes, then we strongly suggest you keep an eye and an ear out for more future releases. They will surprise you with more combinations and unique styles in electronic music. Enjoy this single and we’ll see ya’ll on the flip side.