Durrty Luv-EP

tri-016: Beyaking-Durrty Luv EP

This is the introduction to the wildstyles of Beyaking, who gives us a 4 track release labeled the “Durrty Luv EP”. This a first of what we hope will be a long and rewarding journey for us all. With so much more to offer Beyaking comes to us with a definite ground breaking solid release. He explores elements of bass music in a minimal and stylistic approach plus a superb sound quality that makes this a great treat for your ears. Beyaking blends styles of Trap and Trippy elements to create a more late night feel. Like many of the styles out today for the dance floor, bass music has become another way to explore the many possibilities of electronic music & for Beyaking it allows him to do just that, experiment. Creating tracks on this EP that cater to the more chill side of things as well as a few tracks for the late night hour. Sometimes the rush and the hype of his energy makes you want to dance and that’s just fine. He begins to deliver grooving songs on the grounds of fun and moody with the elements of space and just for the mind and body.

With the introduction of the EP we find the footing for alot more potential to this upcoming talent. Starting with his first track on this EP, “Sofuphoric”. This song drops in some heavy bass right out the gates and then at a slower tempo you hear it give way to a very nice trancey style bass funk killer. The experience leaves you tripping with a mind numbing bass that very well could be the most soothing but yet slamming track to start any night.

Next on the Durrty Luv EP we start heading into the late night hour with a floor killer, that sends things into a new experience right up your spine. As we go into “Excessorize”, this trap synth style makes you believe you are heading into one hype area and the quickly delivers you into a space of air tripping and vocal samples to put you into a different zone. The bass beats are still making you bob your head while the classic Trap stylings keep your feet grooving, while it all takes you right back to the hype squelchy lines of the popular sounds you have come to know today.

Following right after that is “Bassexual” another vocal sample frenzy blending some female sexual moans as the innuendo that our bass desires can often be seen as a craving beyond that of just a late night dance floor fix. If that makes you feel naughty then the high synth lines and trappy sound bed with it’s moving bass beats will finish the job. The Durrty Luv EP is starting to live up to it’s name.

The Love starts to come in to play on this last and final track to the Durrty Luv EP. “Your Luv” takes an ethereal turn with an atmospheric and emotional mood swinging track. Taking some samples and moving them across a bass driven downtempo sea of lush sounds as we start to close out this introduction to Beyaking. Minimal and yet complex is how to describe this release. In so many ways we hope you too will enjoy the body of depth in Beyaking’s thumping style of music. The best thing of it all is this is just the beggining, and we are excited to hear more elevated sounds to emerge from this promising artist.