Everyone Lives In Space Vol. 2

tri-011: Various Artists-Everyone Lives In Space Vol. 2

The 2nd Edition of Everyone Lives in Space has launched with so many great artists. We kicked off the label with our 1st Edition, so this release is meaningful as it marks an incredible journey for Trichome. The reason for getting into this business and starting this label begins and ends with passion… Finding talent, getting involved with other like-minded enthusiasts who express the same passion and desire for good vibes, and exploring the depths of electronic music. Electronic music is our “space” and we’re excited to take you with us on the journey.

To start, it seems only right to do our usual thing and introduce you to the new, raw artists that we have met here in the city of Atlanta. This release, as always, is geared towards the Atlanta electronic music scene. Our vision is to share their raw talents with other locals, while also letting the rest of the world hear some of these sounds, too. We open the compilation with a track from Mookah Adansi, who already has a few remixes with us and, not to mention, has more up his sleeve than you can imagine. As you can hear in this track, “the Wizard” produces smooth, yet harsh… then soulful and yet electronic minimal…. Go back and listen again, and keep a look out for what’s next from our most noble Mr. Adansi. Next on the track features Joe Blade who drops another chill dubtastic floater, unique in only the way that he does. This third installment from Joe Blade leans us in a bit closer to the hard hitting side, yet he finds just the right place to bring in some synths. We move to another great talent on our roster of Atlanta artists: Avante Garde producer Michael Thomas Roe. He presents his strange and yet intriguing style of glitchy downtempo ambience on his track “Brain”. Michael has some serious history with electronic music.

On the second half of this release, we introduce newcomer Pachucottie. He is a rare breed, young producer who already has a natural flow for dub and brings a lot of punch in his sound. This electronic music maker knows just the right buttons to push — he takes us into lush synths and hard hittin’ beats, with a unique genre for himself called “Omnitempo” His sound is sure to infect you with his grooves. Be sure to look for Pachucottie playing live PA’s around Atlanta. Another newcomer to our list is Midnight Music Company. They might be new to us, but not to Atlanta. AKA 2 Dirty Birds play all over the city at many events. These guys are on point and always on the go…we can only hope to get more time with them on future releases.

In closing of this musical journey, we have the time, sound and space pioneers of Interstellar Tones. They take us to a place of live acoustics and drum programming with great sound recording. Listeners experience the potential of what can happen when you combine live and studio recordings together for an open space recording of natural and electronic sounds. Unheard and unlike many other groups out there, this is a very nice and laid back listen. As we work our way to the last track, we return to Michael Thomas Roe, formerly of the group called Kluster. Michael gives us the ambient piece of our time in his track “The Last Day”. He eerily floats us out of this hour journey, but not without getting you lost into his soundscapes and reminding us of the “space” that we have come to love so much. Whoooosh.

We had a real blast putting this release together; getting all these talented artists in one room was an intense effort and incredible energy. Everyone Lives in Space 2 really brings it with back to back originals, local producers dropping spacey and trippy audio, and you know the rest…