Flesh and Blood-Remixes

tri-009: The Autonomist-Flesh and Blood Remixes

In the first remix by Joe Blade we build a fond newlove for Joe’s way of reworking this piece. In only the way that he can with his unique dubstep style. Not commiting to any hard or wild manuevers but a more smooth ride to a nice and steady climax that keeps that pace on point for us here on the trichome, that’s side A on vinyland it shows how very well versed this electronic remixer can be. Also it appears we have another great addition to the downtempo side of the label, this artists truly jumped in with both feet and did not think twice. Two remixes from Mookah Adansi on his first appearance on trichome . He starts us with the deeper remix, just fully adding the depth to our senses with this atmospheric and ethereal remix that can really be said to take you a bit deeper, Mookah delivers a fresh new version from the original and he continues to float you even more (on the B-side if your flipping your vinyl). The actual first track on the B-side is the Miami Bass remix a more dance oriented style with the 808’s kickin’ and the cowbells dingin, throw in some Robot samples and something old school electro starts to happen.

Well with the the more ambient version labeled the “Binghi Remix” Mookah really came thru with the extra love on this final remix to close out this EP. A very chill and relaxing closing to this chapter of remixes for Flesh and Blood a smoothing blend of various beats to choose from, all available on vinyl for a limited time.