No Time For Time

tri-015: Mookah Adansi-No Time For Time

Introducing full-length album from Mookah Adansi “No Time For Time”, the start of something very
eclectic. His signature, debut album is full of down-tempo lounge goodness. Having such a diverse music background, this album shines with so many varieties and musical styles; it’s simply difficult to describe with words. While using a blend between electronic, guitars, and flutes, Mookah delivers Acid Lounge, Down-tempo jazzy electronica bliss.

Starting the album with “My Mondays”, we quickly experience the very soothing sounds of lounge with persuasive down beats and warm bass lines. As we move forward into “Other Land”, his melodic synths plus kicking beats lets us groove, and moves this album on its way. “Black Swan” continues to let us chill, with vocal samples that carry you with its synth pads and moving beats. Self-titled album track “No Time For time” is just a slice of how trippy the sounds from Mookah can become so funky, and yet so left field.
Grab a martini for this next one – a smooth listening number called “Another Rainy Night”, and close side A with final remix of his original track “420”. Yep, some solid unique stuff happening there.

“Letters to Heroes” is an inspirational piece that sends both a meaningful message, plus a nice
listen to motivate and inspire. Continue to find peace with “Perfect Milk”, and let yourself drift off
featuring Tomy Martin on guitars. He’ll drop you deep into lounge mode with his affair of raw synths, banging bass, and vocal samples slamming.

The deeper side of psychedelic is “Colours” — deep and ethereal all in one. “Autodidact” sends a strong message on the side of electronica, showcasing hidden soundscapes in electronics and in music. We start to descend into the final two tracks on the album, closing us out so nicely. “Just Wanna Ride” is a trance track with deep down-tempo grooves that chills to the max. The final song, “Simply U”, is a nice conclusion in a romantic kind of way. This song is beautiful – you’ll want to relax and unwind with a loved one, or just after a long day at work, in dreamy goodness.

“No Time For Time” is a long awaited debut album from Mookah Adansi. We are happy to grow with Mookah and with his impressive release for the whole world to appreciate. If you enjoy down-tempo music, lounge, Acid Jazz, or smooth sounds, then you will enjoy this beauty of an album. Mookah Adansi’s “No Time For Time “ elevates sounds, explores minds, and lets you unwind and enjoy the finest.