Odd Things: 10 Years Of Trichome

tri-018: Various Artists-Odd Things-10 Years Of Trichome

It all began in late 2001… Two friends who met in Art School shared a passion for art, science, and music, and wanted to produce a record label that delivered on these passions. They decided to give their concept a name, an image, and purchased the domain Trichome.com. In 2005, after completing our first single and producing several large events, we decided to incorporate the company. Now with ten amazing years under our belt, we have a growing roster of new artists, and an ever-growing library of electronic music. Those two friends have grown, but as each year passes, they continue to feel just as happy as the first time to be mixing it up with everyone.

Trichome is excited to release this special 10-year edition, and re-introduce chill-out artist Zemozay. He opens the release with a downtempo beauty called “Ant Bed”. Zemozay has been dropping some chill-out monsters with us for the past couple of years, and we’re excited to have him featured again. Trichome native and lounge man, Mookah Adansi, shares with us a mental track labeled “Razor Sharp”, which leads into his next and mighty electronic and spacey “Space Cowboy”. This track features hints of great electronica combined with his traditional soundscapes. Artist Beyaking enters, dropping heavy and slow bass, not the usual sounds, but we intended for the release to be a bit odd & strange. Beyaking delivers just that with his “Perfect Stranger” hit. Joe Blade follows up with the dub/dub-step beats and bass track dedicated to all those who have been creating since the early ages of the music scene. He supports the experimental sounds of dub with his track called “The Pioneers”, a heavy but chill number with even a little guitar underneath.

Things start to kick into over-drive featuring more up-tempo tracks, starting with The Autonomist, Trichome co-founder and electronic music aficionado. The Autonomist takes new flight by using a legendary vocal message and putting it into sounds that help add that extra kick. These vocals and breakbeats conquer the crowd, not to mention that scorching 303 line to drive that feeling home. The Autonomist sells you on the title “Crazy Ones” so pay close attention. Next up is our favorite Techno Meister from Baltimore Maryland, TZEECH, who has been dropping remixes with us for some years now. If you love minimal techno and appreciate the fine sound of solid kick drums with minimal stylings, then you are in for a treat. TZEECH takes the listener into a deep session with nothing but classic techno sounds and feelings. It may be like nothing you have experienced before, unless you have perhaps been to the moon. His deep space exploration takes us on a journey called “Picking Up Rocks On The Moon”. This track does not disappoint.

Our 10-year release now moves closer to a progressive journey with Barry Bond who takes us on his progressive techno trip. Barry has been with us since our very first release, no stranger to the label and always up for an experiment. He is very comfortable with his style, and takes it up a notch with his new track “A New Start”, a churning and driving number that seems so hard at the beginning but then takes us into a construct of techno beats, strong percussion hits, and beautiful synth lines. Out of nowhere, the track merges into beautiful little jam and really showcases the expertise that Barry Bonds brings to Trichome. Lately it seems we have been diving more in the Techno and Trance scenes, and we love it. We love to represent all styles of EDM, and love to follow Barry with the latest EDM producer Michael Try, who joined us for our Summer release earlier this year. This newcomer gives nothing but pure love from every direction. This time, he gives us an insane, progressive Trance/Dubstep number… don’t ask, don’t think about it, just feel it! “Tell Me” is something straight out of left field for us all. Different, but truly a solid dance number like nothing you have ever experienced and we are so happy to have Michael Try here with us. We begin to wind down this release with 2 tracks from the Ambient/Avant-garde styles of Michael Thomas Roe. Popular for his early works and contributions with legendary artists Conrad Schnitzler from the group Cluster, Michael brings Trichome a discography of what some might call odd and strange sounds. We knew we needed him for this release and there he was ready and willing. First, his slower paced track called “Fiesta Fiesta” that has worldly and ethnic influences with a twist of his abstract touch. Second, and the closer for this 10 years release the ambient track “Space” is pure gold. This chill number embodies smooth pads and ambient sounds that are perfectly arranged to please any space lover out there. Which makes this the ambient ‘track of the year’ for us.

Trichome is very appreciative of every artist on the label, in particular those who contributed to the anniversary album. You ARE Trichome, and we are only in existence because of the artists belief and their talents in their own music production… There is nothing better than a group of people who work in symbiotic energy with the same goal in mind. With that said, mad love & respect to all the artists who make Trichome better every year. We’ll see you at the 20-year reunion.

Cheers & thank you!