Other Land-Remixes

tri-013: Mookah Adansi-Other Land Remixes

The release of Other Land Remixes takes us back to our loungier side, featuring down-tempo bass beats with chill soundscapes. Other Land Remixes is the first EP single from our very own lounge artist Mookah Adansi. This smooth remix is from his forthcoming debut album No Time For Time, where you will find killer original tracks such as Other Land.

The Autonomist is back in the saddle, starting off his session with his Future Remix. His return signals new sounds and a new start. He uses synths in the background to meld the melody with hard-hitting funk beats. This track starts to bump right out of the gate. Once in the groove, he drops in hard grunge bass notes to kick it in the full force, creating a solid remix. Then we transition into what we like to call the R&B bass instrumental, labeled War & Peace Remix. Low-end bass thumps with snaps and claps and driving hi-hats. While the bass hits, the samples work together to form the message. Add some minimal pads for ambience plus lead synth and you have a solid beat to groove to.

The third remix comes from Pachucottie. If you need a reminder of the Pachucottie sound, check him out on the Dubble Helix remix. His single starts off just right — a distorted downbeat intro with thumpin’ bass kicks that give way to a solid soudscape filling the atmosphere. He reminds us of classic hip-hop elements, and then uses vocal samples with his signature 8-bit sound to create a full yet minimal remix.

The B Side of Other Land Remixes introduces Florida Peninsula newcomer Zemozay. His remix goes so deep it’s hard to explain with words, but we’ll give it a shot. The track hits with sounds of pure chill bliss, with twists of up and down sounds. He starts this track with a full vocal sample extended over some lush synths and beautiful soundscape, then moves us inwards towards this lounge killer. Zemo adds a background vocal sample later in the song, and from there he brings the mix back around and somehow deeper into itself… With a long break and change of style, the feeling is just out there. We hope you enjoy hanging out with Zemozay and the entire Trichome family. We look forward to our next release from Mookah…yeah be on the lookout…