Here comes the wildstyles of Beyaking, the Bass music enthusiast pushing elements of Trap and Trippy all in one. The fire in the belly for trichome bringing hard hitting bass beats and synth styles with a different twists on his arrangements.
He generates sounds for goodtimes and chill times all with a feeling of enjoyment, dance or romance. Who knows where it could go. That’s why we love us some Beyaking, keeping things evolving in the quest for quality bass sounds.

His flavor for soothing or uplifting music Beyaking keeps things lively on trichome. He will surely deliver more fun times with his sounds. A better description for him can be found on his soundcloud page where he states, ” I’m a beats maker & hopeless romantic who enjoys long walks to the bar and candle lit bong rips.” We think that says it all right there, so please keep up the beats making part and let’s keep an eye and an ear out for Beyaking in future Trichome releases