Joe Blade

Joe Blade hails from an anonymous area located deep within your mind. An eclectic individual with fun as his number one rule for making music. Joe blade comes to us from past radio experience. A time he truly enjoyed and not to mention also running his own radio show called “The Industrial reveolution”. Introducing listeners each week to the latest in industrial music from Einst├╝rzende Neubauten to Nitzer Ebb and Nine Inch nails.

Now deep in the sound of of dub and dubstep Joe Blades comes to us with a raw synth fury and not to mention a fresh new face to the game. Joe Blade executes cyber synths and wobbly lines like no other. Smooth but not rough and that’s just why we like him. His unique blend is definitely a refreshing change.

Making music will always remain his passionate hobby, and not his job and that’s just what makes Joe Blade happy. He’s a truly dedicated individual to the electronic arts and is always learning new ways to tweak sounds. Electro, Dub, Dubstep whatever inspiring sounds that he hears next, might just be his next musical endeavour.