Mookah Adansi

Remembering his first day of band class at Mays Junior High in South Miami, Florida with his first instructor a Mr. Lopez an amazing gentleman, and a huge influence for the young and talented Mr. Adansi. A band teacher/leader by day, and playing Cuban night clubs by night Mr Lopez hit notes on a trumpet that were mind blowing for Mookah, and he would soon learn how to tune his ear by this person that gave him his first vessel of musical expression, the trombone. Once Mr. Lopez put it in his hands, Mookah took to it like it had been with him all his life. Then many years later a good friend put a bamboo flute in his hands, again the same magic happened as it did with the trombone. Mookah carried that flute with him on his travels across the states, and Canada. It went everywhere with him, playing at poetry settings to Jazz, and neo- soul open mic shows. Mookah believes there was a healing force in that flute, and it saved his life and brought him back to his true love. Organizing sounds.

The Atlanta born musician/producer, shares his musical mind space with various influences, from the SOS Band, Depeche Mode, to the likes of DJ Koze, Massive Attack, and Thievery Corporation, which all flows through Mookah’s grooves like silk. Meeting Edgardo (Head of Trichome Inc.) in 2011, took Mookah and his music into a new and exciting direction, by releasing his first two remixes, first with Flesh and Blood (Deeper Remix), along with (Mookah’s Binghi Remix), from The Autonomist LP labeled Human Bean Syndrome released in 2012. Then with his third remix Bust (Wetness Remix), from another original track found on the same LP by the Autonomist, Mookah’s new music journey had begun. His musical paintings, with funk driven beats, and spacious, yet trippy electronica highlights had lead Mookah to the fall of 2013 to his first two releases. The Wizard, an electrifying track, followed up by another experimental lounger Moth to a Flame on Everyone Lives in Space Vol.2 , another hard hitting, yet complex compilation, showing off the various up and coming producers in the Atlanta electronica music scene and now Mookah was on the forefront of it.

What’s next for Mookah Adansi? Well his first LP, titled “No Time For Time”. Soon to be released the summer of 2014. This album will unlock places in your mind in only the way that lounge music can allow. Enjoy the elegance that Mookah brings to the Trichome label, and watch for more smooth releases from this noble league member.