Emerging from the sea of bass music and all things experimental is the new comer to trichome, Pachucottie. An Atlanta based producer who is shaking the music scene by the root. The style coming from this young producer is all over the board. Ranging from dubstep to pop while also finding ways to sneak fun snippets of more personal influence such as salsa, dub, and heavy metal into his sound. Pachucottie first got his start with EDM in early 2006 and from that moment it was pure love. The production of what would soon become Pachucottie wouldn’t start until early 2012. With a few months of experimentation a project named ((( Vibes Romance ))) would form and would be come the focus for the next year. With a bag full of beats and a hand full of shows, ((( Vibes Romance ))) would become a stepping stone for a evolution of mind, personal growth, and musical expression. In late 2012 the Idea for something new was very present and the need for growth was once more demanding. From this Pachucottie was was born. Spending all of 2013 in the studio writing, Pachucottie was ready for ears. Now a main player for trichome, Pachucottie is releasing music and showing no signs of stopping. With his first professional E.P. due out with trichome in 2014 and enough tracks to keep you busy for a while, this artist is one to truly enjoy and get excited about. The music is a story to unfold for the mind and Pachucottie tells it vividly well.