The Autonomist

The Autonomist was born on the island of Puerto Rico, and mostly raised on the mainland of Georgia. He began DJ’ing in 1989. In 1991 he picked up EON’s – THE SPICE vinyl release at a local Atlanta record store called Wax N’ Facts. After spending the afternoon playing the record over and over again, it was obvious that electronic music would soon become his steady diet. His friends called him N.R.G , short for N.R.G Boy, an alias he used back in the day to play trance music. In 1997, he released a blue vinyl 12 inch on Unit 3.14 Records under the guise of N.R.G BOY. Shortly there after, in 2005, Unit 3.14 Records was reborn as trichome.

While going to school in Denver, Colorado, N.R.G. began throwing events under the name trichome. His recorded DJ mix sets eventually landed a spot on, a place to hear the previous night’s performance plus some original tracks, as well. As years passed, The Autonomist was born, but he remained true to his dedication and passion for electronic music…and commitment to You can ask any of his friends if he ever shuts up about his love for tweakin’ knobs and layin’ down beats!

His sound ultimately progressed into the new artist you have today. Now working and residing in Atlanta, GA, he continues to push boundaries with his music. He maintains a production studio, complete with a sound booth, custom-built to record all of his friends that come by. Whether you play guitar or play the flute: “I try not to limit the music; just cause it’s electronic doesn’t mean we can’t jam. Recording with artists that you already know is great — you can just hang out and get some great samples to work with.” Now with a few releases under his belt, we see his work continue to evolve. No one else is as committed as The Autonomist, and we will continue to look forward to more of his great, electronic music.