Released: JUL. 13, 2012

The techno remixes were a must for our stock. With the original techno meister from Baltimore, Maryland. Tzeech laid one on us with a grinding stomper that will have you chomping at the bits, and it has to be one of the most impressive remixes we have seen to date. In the heat of it all down in Miami we get an all exclusive Acid Edge remix from our friend Elation Buzz., a great change for those who fancy the 303's and the twiddlin acid grooves. If that's your bag baby then head right over for this acid remix that comes grooving with some solid tech beats. Last but not least, from the latest in our stable of remixes. The flair kicks in with this techno shifting dance track from Meta Mora. This single is available on digital formats but also available on vinyl too! Yes they are (for a limited time, or until re-stock). Fresh art work that will keep your record collection looking good and sounding better with this quality electronic release. You can find the original version of this track on the album "Human Bean Syndrome" from The Autonomist.